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How soon will my vacancy be listed on The Job Matrix?

All vacancies will be listed immediately on The Job Matrix. It usually takes up to an hour for our vacancies to appear on partner sites and be included by vacancy aggregation services.

Can I change the details on a vacancy listing?

Unfortunately, vacancy details cannot be changed once they have been published.

If there is an error in your vacancy, contact The Job Matrix as soon as possible, we will do our best to assist you but cannot guarantee that changes to your vacancy will be made effective everywhere, other recruitment services may have already published the original version.

A vacancy can be closed and a new one created, but would also use up a free listing credit or be subject to additional charges if no credits are available.

Can I get help with writing my vacancy listing?

The Job Matrix offers a Managed Package service where we will be happy to write your advert for you.

One of our experienced recruiters will liaise with you beforehand, and seek your approval before publishing your vacancy.

To buy a Managed Package when creating a vacancy, click 'let us write this for you' instead of providing a job description.

Are there any discount packages for regular customers?

Please contact us to discuss your requirements. The Job Matrix team can arrange a discount for a bulk purchase, or a subscription package, prices will depend on your requirements.

How many free vacancy listings can I create?

You can post 10 free vacancy listings in your first week. Further vacancy listings are possible using the paid packages.

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How soon will I hear about my application?

Please do not contact The Job Matrix regarding the outcome of your application, unfortunately we are not able to provide this information.

Our candidate management system automatically informs the recruiter that you have not received a response, but recruiters are not obliged to respond.

Do I need to register with The Job Matrix?

Job seekers cannot register with The Job Matrix. When you apply for a vacancy, your information is sent only to the recruiter dealing with that vacancy. We do not submit your details to other vacancies or CV databases.