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Privacy policy

This privacy policy declares what we do with your information on The Job Matrix website.


We need you to provide contact details so we can process your application. You may volunteer additional information and your CV to support your application if you desire.

Your information is shared only with the customer responsible for the vacancy. We expect customers to use this information solely for the purposes of candidate recruitment. Customers agree that using your information for any other purpose is unlawful.

Your information is held for a reasonable amount of time to allow the customer to make a decision, after which your information is removed.

Customers (employers or other recruitment agencies)

We need you to provide vacancy information so we can publish an online vacancy listing. Most of the vacancy information you provide will be published on The Job Matrix and therefore publicly available.

Vacancy information may also be reposted to other websites (e.g. specialist jobs boards, social media) for the sole purpose of reaching more candidates. To repost your vacancy to other websites, we use our partner company IGL Recruitment who are specialists in vacancy marketing. Candidates applying via IGL Recruitment's advertising will see a co-branded application form on our website for reassurance. IGL Recruitment do not handle your candidate information, all applications are received and processed directly by The Job Matrix.

We need you to provide contact details so we can communicate with you for any purpose related to your account activity.

We need you to provide company details so we can issue invoices.

PayPal does not share sensitive customer payment information with The Job Matrix. We only receive high-level details sufficient to validate transactions (who paid what, when).

The Job Matrix

The Job Matrix staff have access to most information currently held for the purpose of technical and business support.

Nobody has the ability to view passwords. Passwords are stored with one-way encryption and are unrecoverable if forgotten. Forgotten passwords can only be reset via email. It is not possible to set your first password without a valid, working email address.


We may aggregate statistical information from all our visitors (e.g. type of browser, pages visited) to monitor and improve our service. The information we collect is not personally identifiable. We may share this information with 3rd parties so we can use their reporting software.